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PC CPU Cooling Fan Speed Controller (Front Mount Bay)

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Prijs:   € 2,22 2.2186 In stock
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In voorraad: Ja (laatste update: 23-10-2014)
Normaal verzonden na: 4 - 7 d
- Easy set up and use
- Bring down the noise by control the cpu fan speed
- A new cool way of using your computer
- Input: DC +12V +/-10% and Variable Output range from 5.0v
- 11.70v

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Pagen said:

Leider kann ich noch keine Beurteilung geben, da ich noch nichts erhalten habe

L.Dijkhuizen said:

Respone from the customer service was fast and communication was good. I just received my charging cable. I would buy here again.

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